class 9

  1. W

    Looking for a 2 seat Class 9

    I am in the market for a turn key 2 seat Class 9. Anyone have anything for sale?
  2. snoreracer

    For 2020 SNORE gives away a 2-1600 race car

    That is right for 2020 SNORE will give away a 2-1600 race car with a new WIKs 2-1600 low compression engine along with new BFG tires new wheels and new seat belts along with new CV boots and a fresh race prep and a new paint wrap. The car will be awarded to one racer that is in the top 15 in...
  3. Austin Quick


    Name is Sauce (@saucethebosss). I've been filming/editing for over ten years and doing it professionally for about five, predominately shooting BMX and MOTO where I've done everything from high end Instagram montages, to vlogs, to full length documentary style videos. I grew up riding dirt...
  4. Jeffers909

    Weddle Industries Swinger Shootout - January 25, 2020 - Slash X, California

  5. Michael Cohen

    Tires & Llantas

    Greetings Fellow Swingers, Old time 9'er first time poster here, Michael Cohen. Started desert racing in Class 9 in 1987 and loved it. Had a great time meeting great people and friendships that are still strong today. Since then, I have raced in nearly all of the classes and have always...
  6. JJohnson

    Car for sale

    Fun, light, fast and reliable class 9 for sale. Just don't have the time for it and have been racing with other friends in class 10. I hope it goes to a great home. Comes with everything you need to go racing: Car, Trailer, spares, etc. etc. Single Seat Class 9
  7. elmariachi

    Online Deals

    Thought I'd start a thread dedicated to deals found around the internet specifically related to Class 9 cars, parts, equipment, and tools. If you come across any deals you feel are really good, post up here! Anything found on Craigslist, Amazon, eBay,, OfferUp, etc. Lets keep...