1. F

    Mendeola 2D to Mendeola S4

    Im thinking about swapping my 2D with an S4 in my sand car and was just curious if this would be a direct swap or if things would need to modified and changed? I want to make sure all cv's are at the proper angle ect. Any info would be greatly appreciated!
  2. 1

    GPS Question

    Hello all! Will a Lowrance 6000c with globalmap and a LGC-12w gps antenna work for desert racing? Thank you for any info!!
  3. Phatman_9

    Are RZRs tainting Ocotillo

    FIRST OFF THIS IS NOT MEANT TO OFFEND UTV DRIVERS/OWNERS!!! ITS JUST MY OPINION AND WHAT I HAVE NOTICED! The recent trip to ocotillo wells has left me pretty upset. There seems to be small bumps/ruts throughout every main dirt road/wash/dune/hillside throughout ocotillo wells/plaster city...
  4. geno760

    TrophyLite extends with Yokohama & Welcomes Select Glass

    We are proud to announce a 3 year extension of our great relationship with Yokohama Tire ensuring our class will continue to run the best tires available in the desert through the 2022 season. Additionally we would also like to welcome Select Glass as the title sponsor of the TrophyLite Race...
  5. W

    2 Young Bucks willing to work/learn - Baja 1000

    We both know this is a LONG shot but thought, why not? I have recently graduated college with a good friend of mine, both mechanical engineering degrees and have both worked for the Top 3 auto manufacturers while we were in school. As well as working with Ford Performance on the off-road side...
  6. paulcbcfs

    2019 Parker 425 Afternoon Race Pictures!

    Hey Everyone! With the 2019 parker in the books here are some shots from the afternoon race. I do this for fun (not for money), so if you find a cool shot you like feel free to download it or email me and I can I send you the original one. These are all unedited, but go ahead and make them...
  7. Lamby77

    Rigid chase light for racing?

    Hi, just contemplating ordering some rigid industries “chase” lights to go on the back of my buggy, I’m wanting to know how suitable they are for racing? Are they bright enough during the daytime? How bright is the blue strobe? Anybody had experience with these lights? Thanks Daniel
  8. D

    TDRA Texana Race To Midnight July 13-14 is two weeks away!

    Things are shaping up for a great summer race at the Texana Ranch. 7 confirmed Unlimiteds will be racing along with a large contingent of limited classes, it's shaping up to be our biggest race ever! We return to the Texana Ranch for the Baja Designs "The Scientist of Lighting" Race to...
  9. D

    2018 TDRA West Texas 250

    The West Texas 250 is finally coming! The dates are confirmed, the ranch looks great, we actually are going to have access to sections of track that haven't been run since 2012! We are very excited to welcome all of the new and returning racers in all classes including handlebars and...
  10. geno760

    Laughlin Desert Classic - TrophyLite Race Recap

    13 TrophyLite teams brought their moms, wives and daughters to Laughlin for a chance to take home a win at the 3rd race of the season. Read how Ryan Winner and Barry Karakas run the Fabtech Motorsports TrophyLite to the top spot by just 24 seconds over the champ, Todd Jackson. Thanks Everyone...
  11. AZSwapmeet

    AZ Off-Road Industry Swap Meet

    Hey everybody.. we want to let you know about the 1st Annual Off-Road Industry Swap Meet taking place in Scottsdale, AZ at Westworld! Here's the official flyer the info. Check out the Facebook page for frequent updates and visit the website...
  12. nickybobby333

    Lost GoPro at the Vulture Mine Hare Scramble

    Hey guys, slim to none change, but I lost my GoPro hero 3 on the course on Saturday off my helmet. I tried ducking a tree branch but it ended up smacking me pretty good. I was able to stay on two wheels but noticed a little later down the road my GoPro was gone. Possibly between mile marker...
  13. pasqualebaldi

    2015 Henderson 250 Baldi Racing helicopter footage

    Hey guys! Just sharing some helicopter footage of Baldi Racing at the Henderson 250 race last weekend.
  14. Offroad Cartel

    Dirtsports are AWESOME

    In the inspiration of all the "Moto is Awesome" and "People are Awesome" vids - we decided to put a compilation video for Dirt Sports! We have the best sport in the world and this shows it! Featuring King of the Hammers, Mint 400, Finke Desert Race and more... Viva Offroad