1. Rory

    The road to the 2017 Baja 1000 in ProTruck #1350

    My good friend Cody Swanty wanted to get back into the drivers seat for the 50th Baja 1000 and invited me to drive a section. This plan originated after the MINT 400 and the vehicle of choice was NOT the ProTruck but his Vintage Walker Evans class 8 Dodge Dakota. Cody owns the Dodge dealership...
  2. C

    Watch out for Dodge Ram Prerunner Listing

    Just noticed my old truck was listed on craigslist again. I built most of this truck so I know most of the info is extremely exaggerated. I don't like people posting negative stuff on other builds, but I don't want someone getting screwed. Here is the listing: Dodge Ram prerunner True...
  3. S

    swapping a 4l80e into a 4th gen ram 1500

    everyone knows dodge has been lacking in the automatic trans department for some time. long story short, i am on my 4th trans overall and 3rd ats built trans. the 5 year warranty which has been great, is about to expire and im looking at other options but dont know an extensive amount about...