1. Minor805

    91 Ranger Prerunner Build

    So I bought another 91 Ranger Ext. Cab 4x4. But i am actually going to build this one into a prerunner style truck. I've pretty much gutted THE WHOLE THING down to cab and frame, leaving the axles and what not so i can move it when needed. But my question is, 4-Link the rear? And how do i do...
  2. BajaHungary

    1st Baja 1000 Hungarian Racing Team

    Hello from Hungary! I am very new to off-road rally racing but I want to fulfill my dream and complete the Baja 1000 in Class 11 as the first ever hungarian team. I would appreciate all your advises and tips to achive my goal. Now I preparing my first rally car (Lada 2121 (Niva) 1.6) to race in...
  3. J0k3R

    Hello My Name Is Eli, and I'm A NOOB

    As I stated my name is Eli, and i am currently serving in our nations navy. I have become addicted to rally over the last few years, and a 7 month deployment has only peaked my interest more. I hope to one day open a garage in Texas that does everything from oil changes to rebuilds. I also want...