1. Kademcfarland

    Baja 1000 spectating

    Hey guys im new to race-dezert! Im going to spectate the baja 1000 for the first time this year and i got an airbnb in ensenada but im not sure where to watch the race at? If any of you have a place that you watch at or any info that would be great!!!
  2. MaymesORS

    OJOS NEGROS 200, BajaORS 2018 Off Road Series

    Here is the MAP for our first event in 2018. Come and Race BAJA for a budget. High Quality Events. STELLA, Insurance and Awsome Courses. $300 USD Entry Fee (150 USD all Bikes, Quads and UTV) $150 USD Insurance $100 USD Stella Service All Entries 4 laps, 46.4 Miles each.