1. John F2000

    What Do you wear when you play in the DIRT?????

    What do you wear when you play in the dirt??? Over the last 20 years, off-road vehicles have become exponentially faster. Not only with Trophy Trucks, Buggies, and Rock Crawlers, but every day pre-runners, Rangers with lift kits, and last but not least a show room Raptor which is as fast...
  2. John F2000

    F2000 featured in SEMA Battle of the Builders tonight 7:00/10:00pm pac/eastern

    SEMA Battle of the Builders Premiers tonight 7:00pm pacific 10:00 pm eastern on Velocity Network, featuring the F2000 and a beautiful Chevy Colorado pre-runner representing the off-road community in a heavy hotrod and import line up. Bud Brutsman of BCII the producer of the show is an...
  3. John F2000

    F2000 Becomes a Fuelie on SCORE Journal (Video)

    F2000 is now Fuel Injected! The new fuel injection system by AEM, Hogans Manifold, Accufab, MSD, fiveomotorsports, Aeromotive, becomes a reality. VIDEO SCORE journal: Thanks to the guys at ICON media for the great photo's #fordf2000 Ford F-2000 #fordf2000 • Instagram photos and...
  4. John F2000

    F2000 makes top 21 Battle Of The Builders at Sema #fordf2000

    Just want to say thanks to everyone who helped get the F2000 and our Spec TT to Sema. Saturday turned into a 24 hour day, but we loaded up both trucks in the early AM Sunday morning and made the trek to Vegas. On Tuesday they announced the top 21 semi-finalist to make it into the Battle of the...