1. D

    Benefits of a backhalf on a prerunner

    looking for some great ways that back half four link set ups are way better than a four link on your bedcage with frame rails, hoping some people have some good insight on strength, longevity, and quality!
  2. Minor805

    91 Ranger Prerunner Build

    So I bought another 91 Ranger Ext. Cab 4x4. But i am actually going to build this one into a prerunner style truck. I've pretty much gutted THE WHOLE THING down to cab and frame, leaving the axles and what not so i can move it when needed. But my question is, 4-Link the rear? And how do i do...
  3. Desertdogs44

    CAD Files for designing chassis, etc

    Hi all, was wondering how people get their various parts, motors, etc into the various CAD software. I’m convinced there must be a library of sorts, or forum to trade/source files. You know, shocks, motors, spindles, hubs, wheels, etc. I have Bend-Tech Pro, AutoCad, and Soludworks. Am just...
  4. J


    Hey All, We wanted to give you a glimpse of this incredible Prerunner that we are working on. Chassis and suspension built by FINAMORE FAB, Engine by LEON PATTON. Super clean, solid fabrication by Finamore, Fast small block by Leon and we are very excited to build it out, here at FAST ON WHEELS...
  5. Toyo Time

    Who Makes the Best 6100 Chassis?

    I've been watching this for a while and know that it's a very big class with lots of options. Who makes the best chassis that is fast and easy to maintain? Also, there may be a better one for BITD than SCORE, since SCORE allows larger tires.
  6. Toyo Time

    New to Participating

    I've been reading Race Dezert for years now. I've met many people at races and can consider myself a huge enthusiast. This is the first time I've started to write and ask questions. I'm very happy to become part of the "desert familia."
  7. S

    Moving: help me choose where

    Looking for help choosing a region/city/location. Any help would be much appreciated. I have been thinking about this for just over a year, and have been all over the Internet trying to make a smart decision. I have made a handful of scouting trips, but figured I'd be better off asking you guys...
  8. T

    Fabrication school?

    Hi, my names Tyler i am 18 years old about to graduate high school and am really interested in fabrication in the off road industry as well as fabrication on cars in general. I have been riding since i was 3 and have been in the off-road atmosphere majority of my life. I was looking into fab...