for sale

  1. W

    Looking for a 2 seat Class 9

    I am in the market for a turn key 2 seat Class 9. Anyone have anything for sale?
  2. JJohnson

    Car for sale

    Fun, light, fast and reliable class 9 for sale. Just don't have the time for it and have been racing with other friends in class 10. I hope it goes to a great home. Comes with everything you need to go racing: Car, Trailer, spares, etc. etc. Single Seat Class 9
  3. elmariachi

    Online Deals

    Thought I'd start a thread dedicated to deals found around the internet specifically related to Class 9 cars, parts, equipment, and tools. If you come across any deals you feel are really good, post up here! Anything found on Craigslist, Amazon, eBay,, OfferUp, etc. Lets keep...