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  1. 9

    On Topic HELP, I need an adult! New clutch for daily drive Ranger Build. I know nothing(post 2.0)

    I recently purchased a 96Ranger build(that needs love) to teach myself some Wheeled vehicle mechanic Skills(Helicopter mechanic by trade) I have a new m5r1 Manual transmission(2wd) on the front porch and I'm looking to upgrade my slave cylinder and Clutch kit while its apart. I've done alot of...
  2. Bobby Rice

    A High Schooler’s Prerunner Build

    Hey how’s it going guys! Figured I’d make my first post about what my build is and what plans I have for it Starting from a bone stock 2000 Ford Ranger 3.0L, I’ve learned a ton through these forums on here and being that annoying kid in your insta DMs HAHA The main stuff I’ve done to it...
  3. Joeygarcia21

    Ranger motor swap from 97 to 98 4.0 OHV No spark issue!

    Hey guys I did a motor swap on my 1997 ranger 4.0 ohv with the same 4.0 ohv from 98 all I had to do was change the fuel rail and it was plug an play. It started right up when to shift it onto gear an it sounds if it stalled if it was a manual (it’s a automatic) so did some research an changed...
  4. Minor805

    1991 Ranger Build

    Currently building my 1991 ranger 4x4 V8 swap. Looking for Long Travel set-up for both front/rear. Anything anyone may have and are willing to ship to Oregon would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance everyone!
  5. Minor805

    91 Ranger Prerunner Build

    So I bought another 91 Ranger Ext. Cab 4x4. But i am actually going to build this one into a prerunner style truck. I've pretty much gutted THE WHOLE THING down to cab and frame, leaving the axles and what not so i can move it when needed. But my question is, 4-Link the rear? And how do i do...
  6. Minor805

    Need some pointers....

    So i recently purchased my 4th Ford Ranger. It's a 1991 that has the 4.0L automatic with electric shift 4x4. Which i am yarding out of it and selling. But this time i'm actually building it into the prerunner style truck I've always wanted. So, any and all pointers/advice would be more than...
  7. M

    The FORD Ranger returns

    Finally The FORD Ranger Returns - Who will be the first person to race it?
  8. M

    The FORD Ranger is coming back!

    The FORD Ranger is coming back in to the United States 2019. Ford plans to build a new Ranger in its Michigan Assembly Plant and sell it here again it will likely be a version of the Ranger that has been sold all over the world except America. Expected to cost $20k-$25k the engine package is...
  9. C

    New to raceing

    Hi guys in fairly new to raceing and stuff I'm looking to build a Ford ranger. The one I have is a 1990 4 wheel drive. And I'm looking for suggestions on what kind of suspension to go with. To make a nice preerunner out of it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou
  10. chase

    Evaluate my build! 98 Ford Ranger Long Travel

    Well, my front end is almost together. It's a 98 2wd Ranger LT setup. Boxed cromolly upper and lowers. It's the Weldtec kit as featured on their site, I've had some debate with a few friends over whether or not the spindle pin used will...