1. Bobby Rice

    A High Schooler’s Prerunner Build

    Hey how’s it going guys! Figured I’d make my first post about what my build is and what plans I have for it Starting from a bone stock 2000 Ford Ranger 3.0L, I’ve learned a ton through these forums on here and being that annoying kid in your insta DMs HAHA The main stuff I’ve done to it...
  2. G

    Pioneer 72 F250 build

    Hey All, I’ve been following for a while and have been trying to figure out how to one day get to race a Norra event. It’s somthing I’ve wanted to do with my old man and my son for a while as I love the adventure and memorie building aspect of it. Long storie short I had this 72 f250 camper...
  3. L

    Ford 9" new gears, pattern check help

    This is my first time ever doing gears. I have a 9" out of a 79 Bronco with a new Yukon Nodular Iron Pro N-Case (3.25 bearings), Nodular iron daytona pinion support, and 5.14 gears all from quick performance. I have 0.007-0.008 backlash, 26in lbs on the pinion, and these are my patterns. I...
  4. 5

    Buscando Taller De Reparacion De Transmisiones En Tecate/ Tijuana

    Estoy buscando un taller que hagan buen trabajo en reparar transmisiones. Tengo un Ford Bronco 1995 modelo E40d la computadora me muestra un condigo 628. Si ustedes conocen alguien en Tecate o Tijuana por favor me avisan. Gracias
  5. C

    fabtech lift kit issues

    Hey there guys I have a question.... I got a 6in lift kit off a friend here in Las Vegas NV its a 04-08 f150 2wd 6in lift kit and it did not come with Spindle Snouts the guys at the shop are telling me that i can use my stock ones off my truck well my other issue is that i called fab-tech and...
  6. EBryant

    Strobel Motorsports 2016 Season Recap

    Steve Strobel and the #94 team battled it out with the Best in the Desert. Here is a recap of their entire 6 race season.
  7. J


    Hey All, We wanted to give you a glimpse of this incredible Prerunner that we are working on. Chassis and suspension built by FINAMORE FAB, Engine by LEON PATTON. Super clean, solid fabrication by Finamore, Fast small block by Leon and we are very excited to build it out, here at FAST ON WHEELS...
  8. 02 Ranger

    Clean title or not?

    Does it matter when you're buying your project if its a clean title or Salvage?
  9. 02 Ranger

    How to get into Prerunning?

    What would you recommend for someone not knowing much about prerunners, advice, brands to use/not use. Can it be done cheaply? What is a good truck to do it with? Can it be a daily driver? or anything else you might suggest for a beginner. Thanks!
  10. Cpolvoorde

    F100 I-Beam Help

    Hello I am currently building an 1967 F100 and need help on beam choice. I would like equal length beams and nothing crazy wide. Any suggestions??
  11. Bridges

    WRC MEXICO ~ Mexican PIZZA w/ Team F*kMatie FORD FIESTA

  12. C

    New to raceing

    Hi guys in fairly new to raceing and stuff I'm looking to build a Ford ranger. The one I have is a 1990 4 wheel drive. And I'm looking for suggestions on what kind of suspension to go with. To make a nice preerunner out of it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou
  13. justin stephens

    Rear suspension issues?

    hello, im not sure if this is the correct section on these forums to ask these questions so please forgive me. i have a 92 f150 camburg long travel i beams in front and 4-linked in rear. i am new to 4 link and to the whole prerunner scene completely so please help me. i only have 3" of droop...