fox shocks

  1. Entrussed Racing

    Inland Truss Retro Footage from 2003 SCORE Class 1 and Overall Championship Winning Season

    My daughter Madison found this old DVD and was able to post it on YouTube. Carlos Rosas put this video together for us just after winning the SCORE Class 1 and Overall Championship in 2003. Ernie Castro Jr. and I did the driving that year with help from my brother Darren in the Baja 1000...
  2. T

    Shorter shafts on longer shock bodies

    Hey all. I picked up a set of 2.0 8” coilovers yesterday at the swap meet and just this morning realized they were 10” coilovers and the one I happened to measure before buying was fitted with an 8” shaft while the other is running a 10” shaft. The shock bodies are identical and match another...
  3. outlaws4x4

    HELP!!!! FOX 4.0 & 4.4 Byapass CAD files

    Hi guys iv have looked high and low and i cant find a cad file for a FOX 4.0 and 4.4 Bypass shocks. i don't have access to any either otherwise i would just draw them up. i am currently finishing off the design for my new trophy truck and i need the dimensions for correct fitment in the new...