1. trevorhunter224

    2021 Parker 250 | N1 Open Pro Helmet Cam

    Check out some highlights from the first lap of the Parker 250 bright and early Saturday morning. Started on Row 1, but I got edged out off the start by Evan Kelly (N2) and sucked dust all the way up until Midway. Ended up finishing 5th O/A on the day against some fast dudes in the Open Pro...
  2. F

    GoPro into intercom

    Hi guys was curious how you hook up intercom to GoPro thanks
  3. Mike321

    GoPro record directly to external hard drive?

    Is there an off-the-self way to record video to an external hard drive vs mini SD card using a GoPro Hero 5? Thanks, Mike
  4. Klouczech

    KARTCROSS /// 120hp, 320Kg (Videos)

    Hello, I started to race in KARTCROSS division this year a here is my video from my first race: