1. brad_dusty

    Dusty Motorsports New Fresh Air Pumper - Super Low Amp Draw & Dual Fans

    Dusty Motorsports offers a new Fresh Air pumper that is a "true" dual pumper. Our billet aluminum pumper has two separate fans that can be wired individually for driver/co driver. It is extremely powerful and has the lowest amp draw than any two person pumper on the market. It runs at 1.6 amps...
  2. M

    Helmet Cleaning Techniques

    Okay - I have heard a lot of tricks second hand. What are your best tips for cleaning your helmet inside and out?
  3. John F2000

    What Do you wear when you play in the DIRT?????

    What do you wear when you play in the dirt??? Over the last 20 years, off-road vehicles have become exponentially faster. Not only with Trophy Trucks, Buggies, and Rock Crawlers, but every day pre-runners, Rangers with lift kits, and last but not least a show room Raptor which is as fast...