1. TheCarCrazedKid

    Desert Truck Advice

    Hello Offroad Community! My name is Kyle and I'm huge into any sort of racing and high-performance race cars and trucks. I love any high-performance vehicles and cool looking vehicles. I turned 16 this December and I've been saving all my money since I was about 5 for a car/truck. I go to a CTE...
  2. Rado Retard


    So recently I changed out my break pads on my 2009 Silverado 1500. Right now the truck is leveled on 33s with OG Robby Gordon Streetlocks. I noticed that my lug holes on the wheels were ovaled. I bought these wheels used, and the holes were slightly ovaled but not quite this bad. Note that I...
  3. T

    Design Question; I beams and radius arms

    Hey guys, my friend and I are building a I beamed ranger in our garage. Right now we are getting stuck on how to do the beams. We’re in high school so buying a beam set is out of the picture. Do you guys have any tips/ tricks that could help us get some beams made up? Right now we have a engine...
  4. xXANBXx

    Shouting from the east coast!

    Hey hey, Hello my name is Adam Butler, Located in Georgia... i know not the typical place you hear on here, but lived in Texas for a while and fell in love with desert racing and prerunners. I currently have a 76 F100 and a 68 F100 and drool over Chris Eisenhouers daily.. Seems every...
  5. derekm41

    2017 Baja 1000 Help Wanted!!

    I'm looking for any team that may need help down at the 1000 this year! I'm fairly new to off road racing but wanting to get involved. Last year(2016)was my first year to the 1000. Ill be driving down a RAM 2500 diesel and would be willing to chase/help any way I could. Really just looking for...
  6. Sledneck Steens

    Chase rack ideas for Nnbs silverado

    hi everyone I would like ideas on chase racks for a crew cab half ton silverado. I would like to be able to put dirtbikes in the bed still but have a place for floor jack for truck couple gas cans and tools. Possibly add on for full size spares when bikes aren't in the back. Also want ideas on...
  7. Jakob Hinkle

    Prerunner Silverado ss?

    ive been looking around and haven't really found anything. Could a long travel kit for a regular Silverado fit on an ss? Or are they completely different trucks.
  8. Jakob Hinkle

    What is the cheapest truck to build into a prerunner

    This is my first post so sorry if I'm doing something wronge here also I did search this up but didn't find anything. I'm a college student and have been saveing for a truck for awhile and am now in the position to buy a truck and slowly turn it into a prerunner. I know doing this won't be cheap...
  9. C

    fabtech lift kit issues

    Hey there guys I have a question.... I got a 6in lift kit off a friend here in Las Vegas NV its a 04-08 f150 2wd 6in lift kit and it did not come with Spindle Snouts the guys at the shop are telling me that i can use my stock ones off my truck well my other issue is that i called fab-tech and...
  10. C

    04' chevy silverado 1500 need help

    I have a 04' Silverado and wanting to make it into a prerunner/ desert truck. where should I start?
  11. lsuakme

    Mod Max inspired build questions

    Anyone that follows Mighty Car Mods on youtube will already know what im talking about but over a series of episodes a 200sx/s15 silvia was retrofitted with an ls1+6spd holden manual box, lifted a bit and put on dirt tyres. I like the idea of it as a class 9 car here in nz (2wd/4wd vehicles...
  12. T

    85' K5 Bazer long travel

    I'm looking for an equal length I-beam kit for an 85' Chevy k5 blazer... I can't seem to find a kit or a person who makes them for my truck. I know it can be done because I've seen it before I just can't find where. Anybody have some suggestions? Follow my truck build @ProjectTrophyBlazer on...
  13. Cpolvoorde

    F100 Build

    Hello everyone. I am currently starting a F100 build for my first car and have some questions. Does anyone know what fiberglass is on this truck below? Thanks
  14. J0k3R

    On Topic Advice

    My name is Eli, currently i am member of the Navy, but my real intrest are in racing. As of the past few years i have become more and more intreged by rally racing. i did some street racing in my high scholl days, and did well. i want to take a more professional route to become a racer in the...