herbst racing

  1. M

    The Herbst Truggy - El Tiburón (The Land Shark)

    There are some vehicles that change everything. The Herbst Truggy is one of those vehicles. It not only challenged Class 1 rules but its form over function aesthetics set a tone that celebrated and revered its ugliness, rebelling against the idea of pretty, perhaps non-functional design. It’s...
  2. BoBearSki

    New Truck builds finish at Parker 2016

    Props to all the new Trophy Truck builds that finished Parker 2016 where proven trucks failed. These new chassis finished right out of the box in their first race. Congrats: 5th TT, 5th overall - McMillin/Racer of Dan McMillin 6th TT, 7th overall - TSCORacing of Gary Weyhrich 8th TT...