irs axles

  1. database00

    Ordering 930 Axles for mendola transmission.

    I raised my trailing arms so the flange is the same height as the stub axle. Came out to be 23.75 inches on both right and left. Currently my transmission is 1 inch towards the front of the car then the stub axles. from what I have read you take out .25 inch for wiggle room and that is what...
  2. H

    Class 11 build, Type 2 stub axles in type 1 trans

    I am building a class 11 and had a question about stub axles. I have a transmission out of a 71 bug with 4.12 ring and pinion. Will type 2 stubs slide into my transmission or do I need to just put type 2 flanges on my type 1 stubs? Does anyone use 930 cvs in class 11. Also how good of irs axles...