1. T


    Hi guys I’m looking to do upgrades to my 2005 Jeep Wrangler I want to be able to go rock crawling but also have it be able to do desert racing. So what are some upgrades?
  2. Mike N. Stein

    Mid Engine Jeep Madness

    Greetings Everyone! So you know that feeling when you wake up hung-over and you realize you just bought a vintage off road racing mid engine jeep from the last century? No? Then you are smarter than me. So I bought Glen Emery's Mid Engine jeep and this thing is really cool. Buick 215, m151...
  3. KyleChandler

    Casey Currie & King of Portugal Video

    Take a look at Casey's trip to Vimioso, Portugal for the King of Portugal Ultra 4 race. Check out a full write up for the event here. Taking on the King of Portugal | CASEY CURRIE | OFFICIAL SITE Let me know what you guys think. - Kyle
  4. B

    Jerry Bundy 73 jeep commando #316/#416

    I am very interested if anyone has more pictures or video of this Jeep racing? or racing stories on it.
  5. AZSwapmeet

    AZ Off-Road Industry Swap Meet

    Hey everybody.. we want to let you know about the 1st Annual Off-Road Industry Swap Meet taking place in Scottsdale, AZ at Westworld! Here's the official flyer the info. Check out the Facebook page for frequent updates and visit the website...
  6. Fierceoffroad

    Hello! We are

    Hey every one! We are a locally operated off-road parts website based out of Glendale, CA. 3 friends that raced the Pondella Motorsports trophy truck decided to get together and form We have put our trophy truck program on the back burner so we can go full speed ahead...