1. T


    Hi guys I’m looking to do upgrades to my 2005 Jeep Wrangler I want to be able to go rock crawling but also have it be able to do desert racing. So what are some upgrades?
  2. retroblazer

    Shock dilema

    I am considering building a new truck for JeepSpeed's 3750 Class, soon to be the 2700 Class. I originally started with the idea that I would use a core vehicle that I own already, a 1976 Dodge W100 4x4. Under 116" wheelbase, the rules allow 4 corner coil-over, and 116" and over, require rear...
  3. M

    I am on a mission to race every class of off-road vehicle.

    I’m on a mission to race every type of off-road vehicle. I want to walk it like I talk it and experience every different class to share the pros and cons of each vehicle, as well as share how easy/difficult it is to build, buy or rent these vehicles and go have loads of fun with your friends and...