las vegas

  1. DirtRaceFan

    2019 Mint 400 photos

    Finally getting around to sharing our pictures... Check out the whole set at 2019 Mint 400 - DirtRocket Photos
  2. M

    Watch the Entire 2016 Mint 400 Documentary TV Show on YouTube!

    Just beyond the shimmering glow of the world famous Las Vegas Strip is the most hostile and unforgiving territory in North America, the Mojave Desert. An apocalyptic region made of jagged stone, gravel pits, deep silt beds, piercing cactus and temperatures in excess of 120 degrees. There lies...
  3. M

    2016 Mint 400 Commercial (Video)

    Here it is! Feel Free to share it! Upload it to your social media and help spread the gospel of off-road! Hightail Link to download videos for social media!
  4. BlueCrace

    Carl Renezeder takes on Vegas (Round 15)