1. geno760

    Laughlin Desert Classic - TrophyLite Race Recap

    13 TrophyLite teams brought their moms, wives and daughters to Laughlin for a chance to take home a win at the 3rd race of the season. Read how Ryan Winner and Barry Karakas run the Fabtech Motorsports TrophyLite to the top spot by just 24 seconds over the champ, Todd Jackson. Thanks Everyone...
  2. A

    Media for the Laughlin Desert Classic

    I raced in the laughlin desert classic this past weekend and can never find a list of people taking video or pictures at the events. I want to find a video or pictures, if anyone has them of the 7294 truck jumping the road crossing on the first lap Saturday. Speak up if you have it!!
  3. TwistedLinkage

    !!PICTURES!! TwistedLinkage @Laughlin

    We are still breaking down the over 5,000 photo's we took from Time Trials to both days of racing. We try and shoot every car so chances are we have multiples of your vehicle and from different points on course. If you are interested in getting images of your vehicle just DM me or...
  4. g.out racing

    MORE Class 1 Champions RATR Video

    Here is Ellis Racing's video of last weekend. They finished fourth in class one for the weekend while wrapping up the championship. Looking forward to more racing and prep jobs next year!
  5. Mojave Insurance

    Rage at the River - CLOSED ENTRIES

    Entry for the Laughlin Race is now CLOSED! If your pre-entry form was not received by 11:30 AM, you are not entered into the race. We do have a waiting list for those who did not enter in time, so if you registered and ARE NOT ABLE TO MAKE IT please contact to cancel...
  6. Mojave Insurance

    2016 SNORE Racing Schedule

    2016 SNORE Racing Schedule is posted.