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    How to repair the Mint 400 Race file with LEADNAV

    A few folks brought to my attention that this weeks Mint 400 GPS file was a little awkward. With this being a big race I went ahead and took advantage of this scenario to throw together a quick How To video on dealing with Event files that....are NOT so perfect. This should absolutely be taken...
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    LEADNAV GPS Lvl1 Online Class

    Hey folks As we move forward with more advanced training and curriculum in 2019, I decided to take the core LEADNAV GPS capabilities and put them into an online course. This is the same curriculum that I teach day one of every training event. It happens to be the most important, as it sets the...
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    NORRA and LEADNAV GPS improving navigation

    NORRA and LEADNAV are currently working together to improve navigation and safety at this years Mexican 1000. We are currently transferring the 2016 Rally Road Book, note by note, into LEADNAV which will provide you with audio and visual alerts during the entire race when using our system...
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    LeadNav - Scotsdale AZ - Sept 15-26

    We will be in the Scotsdale Arizona area Sept 15-26 running LeadNav GPS training and showcasing some of our new prototype Vehicle Navigation Loadouts to a few already scheduled groups. If you happen to be a local team and would like to schedule a training day we could probably still squeeze a...