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  1. baja619

    LeDuc's new Aerodynamic components

    Any one see this or know about what going on here. Appears to be a drivers wind block tunnel starting at the nose growing larger and taller as it fades to the cab and then a shark fin (similar to a sprint car wing) on top of and behind the cab. But then its not on this other truck body...
  2. M

    Brian Deegan:Yard Work

    Finally get to share this one with the universe! Brian Deegan’s new video Yardwork is live now! Brian Deegan 38 was shredding and boosting! Produced by Mad Media Directed by The Martelli Brothers #yardwork #Deegan38 #monsterenergy #madmedia Check it out!
  3. ttull001

    Best way to start?

    I want to get into either LOORS Pro Buggy or Torc Pro Lite, leaning more towards Torc since I live in Virginia. Just curious if I should look into buying a pre-built/used vehicle first or start building my own? I still need to really read through the rulebooks for both, but just need some...
  4. OffroadExit

    Problems continue for Miller Motorsports Park

    Last week a judge ordered the sale of MMP be vacated after a lawsuit was filed by a buyer who offered more money for the property. Racers, businesses concerned about future of Miller Motorsports Park TOOELE COUNTY, Utah - Uncertainty about the future of the Miller Motorsports Park is causing...