1. E

    BLM film permit

    Hey guys, so I have been filming in the offroad industry for about 2 years now. Always enjoy it and never had any legal issues. I just got back from rally on the rocks in Moab UT. On this trip I learned about the BLM film permit and that if you dont obtain one you WILL be fined. Frustrating but...
  2. A

    Media for the Laughlin Desert Classic

    I raced in the laughlin desert classic this past weekend and can never find a list of people taking video or pictures at the events. I want to find a video or pictures, if anyone has them of the 7294 truck jumping the road crossing on the first lap Saturday. Speak up if you have it!!
  3. Rob Waldrip

    SCORE - Baja 1000 website & coverage is HORRIBLE!

    With new ownership and the money that came with it, one would think things would be brought to the next level goes as far us up to date information goes, finding current information, links that actually work, and so much more to be desired. I wish SCORE would take something ideas from...