1. F

    Mendeola 2D to Mendeola S4

    Im thinking about swapping my 2D with an S4 in my sand car and was just curious if this would be a direct swap or if things would need to modified and changed? I want to make sure all cv's are at the proper angle ect. Any info would be greatly appreciated!
  2. C

    Ring & pinion gears

    Anyone out there have Ring & Pinion gears for a Mendeola 2D transmission laying around they need to get rid of or help someone out. It could be a 486 or 515 that are in newer condition. Tia Chad 7147139796
  3. T

    Max trans temps

    Trying get data on operating temperatures on everyone’s transmissions. Please let me know weight of vehicle , type of transmission, manual or sequential, ambient temp, if you have an oil cooler, what type of cooler, and size. Been searching a bunch and feel like there is a real lack of credible...
  4. database00

    Ordering 930 Axles for mendola transmission.

    I raised my trailing arms so the flange is the same height as the stub axle. Came out to be 23.75 inches on both right and left. Currently my transmission is 1 inch towards the front of the car then the stub axles. from what I have read you take out .25 inch for wiggle room and that is what...
  5. B

    I need help with Mendeola M4 - 2D Transmission Gear ( Ring & Pinion )

    Dears, As you can see above i have problem with the reverse gear of Mendeola M4 - 2D transmission in my Sand Rail buggy so please anyone know were i can order it online or how i can find it please this gear. i was searching a lot must of sites online they said that you have to wait tell middle...