mexican 1000

  1. D

    Tell Me Your Best Baja Racing Stories!

    Hi, My name is Denae and I'm writing a segment for NORRA about the best stories/memories you have from your time at the Baja races. My dad and my brother have been racing in Baja for many years and they have awesome stories to tell, and I'm sure many of you do too. I would love to hear your...
  2. M

    What is the oldest living american off-road race car?

    Anybody know what is the oldest living american off-road race car? Is it Vic Wilson and Ted Mangels Meyers Manx buggy from the first Mexican 1000 in 1967?
  3. Kilian

    The GGTR // 2016 NORRA Mexican 1000 (Video)

    Spanish Tony and The Gentleman's Guide To Racing are back, this time taking their brand of humor to the Norra Mexican 1000. It was fun following these guys online and throughout their process. I really like their style and comedic relief. @Michael Power breaks it down in detail here --> The...
  4. Michael Power

    GGTR seeking NORRA footage

    Thank you to everyone that helped or tried to help us find a car for NORRA. We ended up in a pretty famous NISSAN from the 90's and the race was epic. In edit mode now and looking for any additional sexy race footage anyone might have thats above and beyond the usual hand held cell phone footage...
  5. Michael Power

    GGTR seeking Tour Bus Driver / Bartender for NORRA

    Trucks prepped and ready for a 1000 miles of Mexican Dust and our livers primed for tequila and ice cold Tecates. Now all we need is someone that can drive the GGTR Spanish Tony tour bus from LA to Ensenada OR all the way down to LaPaz and back. We have a Mexican bus pilot standing by to take...
  6. LeadNav

    NORRA and LEADNAV GPS improving navigation

    NORRA and LEADNAV are currently working together to improve navigation and safety at this years Mexican 1000. We are currently transferring the 2016 Rally Road Book, note by note, into LEADNAV which will provide you with audio and visual alerts during the entire race when using our system...
  7. baja4000

    Baja 4000 - Rally Raid from the creators of the Budapest-Bamako

    Hey guys. I'd like to you to check out our new rally raid, that we're putting together for January 2017. Baja 4000 – Bamako Adventures If there are any questions, feel free to ask here.
  8. AdmiralMike

    Disabled Vets and vintage Light Strike Vehicle (LSV) take on the Mexican 1000

    Admiral Mike checking back in with the off road community to let my Baja racing familia y amigos know some great news. A team of disabled Vets are again taking the historic Light Strike Vehicle (LSV), Flyer One, to challenge the unforgiving Baja peninsula in NORRA’s epic Mexican 1000. This...