mexican1000 2017

  1. E. Araiza

    Loreto - La Paz, NORRA Mexican 1000 day IV

    Last day of action for us since tomorrow we are going straight to the finish line, however this day was the most exciting due to the heavy silt bed sections across the second special stage of today's here at the rally. Dos Mares 500 is coming next weekend here in Baja Sur, race who goes thru...
  2. E. Araiza

    San Felipe - Bay of LA, NORRA Mexican 1000 Day II

    Sorry for the delay here in the forum, the night at Bay of LA we had zero internet access the entire time we spend there, actually we didn't even had light for a few hours due to the heavy winds in the area and yesterday well, i was just completely exahusted from such a long day... But here we...
  3. E. Araiza

    Ensenada - San Felipe, Day I - NORRA Mexican 1000 '17

    Well, here we are in the Cortez hotel wrapping up a successful first day of racing here in Baja. Compared to past editions of the rally, this first stage was just half the distance, 200 miles total compared to the +400 miles total last year when the stage finished all way to Bay of LA. Today for...