1. Alexis Lundy

    Scout the Baja 500 with Racer Charles Dorrance!

    Professional Racer Charles Dorrance of 3 Bears Racing is offering one lucky fan the opportunity of a lifetime! The chance to scout the Baja 500 course with him in his Trophy Truck #299. The lucky winner will join Charles for an awesome ride and be a part of his pit crew for the day. The winner...
  2. E. Araiza

    WRC in México in a few weeks, who's going?

    I will be there, first time, can't wait to shoot some WRC action!
  3. D

    Tell Me Your Best Baja Racing Stories!

    Hi, My name is Denae and I'm writing a segment for NORRA about the best stories/memories you have from your time at the Baja races. My dad and my brother have been racing in Baja for many years and they have awesome stories to tell, and I'm sure many of you do too. I would love to hear your...
  4. nickybobby333

    2016 Baja 500 Race Report 262x

    A couple smalls goals I really wanted to implement into my life in the beginning of 2016 was that I wanted to get out on my bike and race more, and I wanted to document it and give the play by play of the races that I do and everything involved with it for the friends and family that doesn’t get...
  5. baja4000

    Baja 4000 - Rally Raid from the creators of the Budapest-Bamako

    Hey guys. I'd like to you to check out our new rally raid, that we're putting together for January 2017. Baja 4000 – Bamako Adventures If there are any questions, feel free to ask here.
  6. Taquache

    First timer's guide to participating in the Baja 1000

    I'm creating this thread to do a few things. 1. To document my journey of preparation for competition in the 2017 Baja 1000 and 2. To compile a comprehensive "beginner's guide" to going to Mexico as a participant or spectator. I have found that the search feature on this forum leaves a...