1. trevorhunter224

    2021 Parker 250 | N1 Open Pro Helmet Cam

    Check out some highlights from the first lap of the Parker 250 bright and early Saturday morning. Started on Row 1, but I got edged out off the start by Evan Kelly (N2) and sucked dust all the way up until Midway. Ended up finishing 5th O/A on the day against some fast dudes in the Open Pro...
  2. Phatman_9

    Are RZRs tainting Ocotillo

    FIRST OFF THIS IS NOT MEANT TO OFFEND UTV DRIVERS/OWNERS!!! ITS JUST MY OPINION AND WHAT I HAVE NOTICED! The recent trip to ocotillo wells has left me pretty upset. There seems to be small bumps/ruts throughout every main dirt road/wash/dune/hillside throughout ocotillo wells/plaster city...
  3. mxben

    RIDER FOR HIRE 2019 BAJA 500/1000

    I am looking to either pick up a legit guy for a 30+ effort for this years 500/1000 or get in with a team looking for a rider. My name is Ben Hagle and I grew up racing mx, was a decent intermediate locally and qualified for Loretta Lynns twice. I have tens of thousands of miles logged riding...
  4. Utah Off Road

    2016 V2R the long way phots/photographers

    If you know where to find pictures or you were a photographer for the 2016 Vegas to Reno then please post here. It's always a challenge to find the photographers after the race. You see them everywhere on course but can't seem to find their work online. Thank you in advance!
  5. Cris Lepiz

    Kid looking for some advice

    So I have been attempting to learn the great sport of off road racing for a little bit over 3 years now. I have done anything and everything from volunteering at KOH to navigating a few races. I have been a fan of the Adelanto Grand Prix from way back when I was just a little kid. Both my...