1. Jakob Hinkle

    What is the cheapest truck to build into a prerunner

    This is my first post so sorry if I'm doing something wronge here also I did search this up but didn't find anything. I'm a college student and have been saveing for a truck for awhile and am now in the position to buy a truck and slowly turn it into a prerunner. I know doing this won't be cheap...
  2. G

    Best Class for Novice?

    Just joined and am looking for some guidance on which class to pursue as a complete novice. Did some basic internet research and the general consensus is that class 11 is for the novice but also looked at the Stock Full class and it appears that could be a possibility as well. Any lessons...
  3. J0k3R

    Hello My Name Is Eli, and I'm A NOOB

    As I stated my name is Eli, and i am currently serving in our nations navy. I have become addicted to rally over the last few years, and a 7 month deployment has only peaked my interest more. I hope to one day open a garage in Texas that does everything from oil changes to rebuilds. I also want...
  4. J0k3R

    On Topic Advice

    My name is Eli, currently i am member of the Navy, but my real intrest are in racing. As of the past few years i have become more and more intreged by rally racing. i did some street racing in my high scholl days, and did well. i want to take a more professional route to become a racer in the...
  5. J0k3R

    On Topic Need Advice

    I am looking at getting into rallyracing. It has been a few years since i raced, and that was on the streets of south texas. I dont really know alot about rally, but i am open to everythingi can learn. Mostly i am looking at the best class to start racing, and how climbing the ranks goes. Thank...