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norra 1000

  1. Eduardo Canada

    NORRA 1000 videos

    Eduardo's NORRA 1000.(Day 1)
  2. BajaJeffrey

    Looking for a update on JOE - NORRA 1000

    While waiting to start the last stage from La Paz to Cabo there was an unfortunate accident involving Walker Evens car and a Co Driver or Driver Named Joe. While Walker pulled forward as directed, Joe was stepping out or a white class 1, " El Chucabra " I think it said... His leg was collected...
  3. Jeff Furrier

    Roger Mears Budweiser Jeep J-10 Honcho Re-build

    I’ve finally started a build thread on the Roger Mears Budweiser Jeep Honcho in Show & Tell. I’ll try to update the Vintage forum when I update the build thread. My goal is to race the Mint 400 and NORRA 2017, we'll see how it goes! RDC Show & tell Facebook SaveBud Instagram SaveBud
  4. Jeff Furrier

    Roger Mears Budweiser Jeep J-10 Honcho ++ Restoration ++

    Soo…I’ve owned the Bud Honcho for a year and now finally have the time to kick off a build thread. I’ll do my best to answer all questions and keep it updated while I work my day job at UPR Racing Supply. I suspect this will actually consume less time than answering daily Rory Wards texts about...