norra mexican 1000

  1. West Coast Mags

    Selling my 20+ year collection of Baja Offroad Racing Memorabilia 1968-1995

    I've posted an add and 50 photos in the classified section of Race Desert Baja Offroad Racing Memorabilia Collection 1968-1995 NORRA HDRA SCORE My 70 father is battling prostate cancer and I'm selling to help with his medical bills. I was working on a goal of having a small Offroad museum...
  2. cavebiker

    2020 NORRA Mexican 1000 Bike Build Project

    I don’t see any bikes on this page but it is ‘Vintage Racing’ forum and that’s the class I’m in for NORRA 2020. So if you all don’t mind I’ll share the joy I’m having prepping a vintage class bike for NORRA. This is nothing like what you all do to build up your vintage trucks and buggies but I...
  3. Eduardo Canada

    NORRA 1000 videos

    Eduardo's NORRA 1000.(Day 1)
  4. M

    NORRA Mexican 1000 (Official Thread)

    Post eveything NORRA Mexican 1000 here! 2017 NORRA Mexican 1000 Course embedded in Google Earth. When Vic Wilson and Ted Mangels drove their Meyers Manx buggy from Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas in 1967, they had no idea what desert racing would become over the following decades. Now 50 years...