1. modernchaos

    Bringing home a Vintage Class 8 Truck

    We are looking forward to getting this project started, here's a short teaser video prior to tearing into the truck and getting it ready to see the desert again. :cool: If anyone recognizes the truck, I'd love to hear about it, and We will share more about its history as we progress in the...
  2. SuperVal

    NORRA 500 Registration OPEN for 2021!

    Registration is officially open for the NORRA 500 in October! Thinking about registering? Just do it! You won't regret it! Out of all the races I have covered in 13 years of shooting photography in Baja, NORRA races are hands down the BEST and MOST FUN of them all! The 500 is a 2-day rally...
  3. John F2000

    FST 250 Worlds Fastest 250cc Dirt Bike

    In 1989 I built the Worlds Fastest Competitive dirt bike. Now 30 years later I am sharing the story of an amazing motorcycle and hopefully soon will race it in one of the upcoming NORRA events. Prior to building the FST 250, some at the time referred to it as Relampago, I developed a...
  4. Eduardo Canada

    NORRA 1000 videos

    Eduardo's NORRA 1000.(Day 1)
  5. in2baja

    MAG-7 pit support 2018 NORRA

    Hola 2018 NORRA racers.... This is the voice of MAG-7. We have been prepping for the 2018 NORRA Mexican 1000 since Nov. 2017. I have lost track of the number of NORRA round-table meetings and email tweaks over the last few months. I picked a great hobby!!!! MAG-7 will be providing full...
  6. B

    The Road to NORRA 2018 - Manxter DualSports (DSBE)

    Well as some of you may remember back in 2015 we kept Rory up at nights following ourt build thread of building the 1st Manxter DualSports Baja Edition (DSBE) in under a month and racing it in the Norra Mexican 1000. For anyone who is interested the YouTube Video is still up - Anyway we backed...
  7. LeadingEdge

    On Topic Whittington Racing goes 1-2 in Norra 1000!

    LEADING EdGE would like to proudly congratulate Bill Whittington Racing for their win in the UTV Unlimited class in the 2017 NORRA Mexican 1000 50th Anniversary Race. The team took the top two finishing spots in their Turbo and N/A cars, respectively. The race is a 1300+ mile point to point...
  8. E. Araiza

    Loreto - La Paz, NORRA Mexican 1000 day IV

    Last day of action for us since tomorrow we are going straight to the finish line, however this day was the most exciting due to the heavy silt bed sections across the second special stage of today's here at the rally. Dos Mares 500 is coming next weekend here in Baja Sur, race who goes thru...
  9. E. Araiza

    Bay of LA - Loreto, NORRA Mexican 1000 Day III

    This was our weakest day speaking of photography, since we are always trying to reach new spots, sometimes it doesn't work out, plus with 400+ miles to cover at this day, the longest day of the rally, it was hard enough to just catch the racers...
  10. E. Araiza

    San Felipe - Bay of LA, NORRA Mexican 1000 Day II

    Sorry for the delay here in the forum, the night at Bay of LA we had zero internet access the entire time we spend there, actually we didn't even had light for a few hours due to the heavy winds in the area and yesterday well, i was just completely exahusted from such a long day... But here we...
  11. E. Araiza

    Ensenada - San Felipe, Day I - NORRA Mexican 1000 '17

    Well, here we are in the Cortez hotel wrapping up a successful first day of racing here in Baja. Compared to past editions of the rally, this first stage was just half the distance, 200 miles total compared to the +400 miles total last year when the stage finished all way to Bay of LA. Today for...
  12. E. Araiza

    Looking back at the last edition of the Mexican1000

    The Mexican 1000 has become one of my favorite events to shoot and attend, can't wait for this '17 edition! Here's glimpse of what we captured last year's.
  13. NORRA129

    Our new NORRA ride! Chenowth 1000

    Some of you may have noticed that we are selling our Funco because of my Facebook post and ad in the Race_Dezert classifieds. I have been asked by many why we are selling it. Well on Saturday Dave Tilton and I completed the purchase of a Chenowth 1000 that was 30 minutes from my home here in...
  14. Jeff Furrier

    Roger Mears Budweiser Jeep J-10 Honcho ++ Restoration ++

    Soo…I’ve owned the Bud Honcho for a year and now finally have the time to kick off a build thread. I’ll do my best to answer all questions and keep it updated while I work my day job at UPR Racing Supply. I suspect this will actually consume less time than answering daily Rory Wards texts about...
  15. Kilian

    The GGTR // 2016 NORRA Mexican 1000 (Video)

    Spanish Tony and The Gentleman's Guide To Racing are back, this time taking their brand of humor to the Norra Mexican 1000. It was fun following these guys online and throughout their process. I really like their style and comedic relief. @Michael Power breaks it down in detail here --> The...
  16. John F2000

    NORRA Article F2000

    Team Yeiser and the F2000
  17. Michael Power

    GGTR seeking NORRA footage

    Thank you to everyone that helped or tried to help us find a car for NORRA. We ended up in a pretty famous NISSAN from the 90's and the race was epic. In edit mode now and looking for any additional sexy race footage anyone might have thats above and beyond the usual hand held cell phone footage...
  18. Kartman

    2016 NORRA Photos

    All NORRA photos are up! If you raced, odds are there are photos of you. 10% off until May 31st. If you have any questions let me know. Durka Durka Photo > NORRA 2016
  19. NORRA129

    The NORRA Experince in PIctures

    I am posting this for those that might consider running NORRA. This isn't a daily race report but is meant to give you a better idea of the total adventure you have been missing out on! Next year will be the 50th anniversary of the first NORRA Mexican 1000 and will be epic! Those of you who...
  20. Michael Power

    GGTR seeking Tour Bus Driver / Bartender for NORRA

    Trucks prepped and ready for a 1000 miles of Mexican Dust and our livers primed for tequila and ice cold Tecates. Now all we need is someone that can drive the GGTR Spanish Tony tour bus from LA to Ensenada OR all the way down to LaPaz and back. We have a Mexican bus pilot standing by to take...