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  1. Phatman_9

    Are RZRs tainting Ocotillo

    FIRST OFF THIS IS NOT MEANT TO OFFEND UTV DRIVERS/OWNERS!!! ITS JUST MY OPINION AND WHAT I HAVE NOTICED! The recent trip to ocotillo wells has left me pretty upset. There seems to be small bumps/ruts throughout every main dirt road/wash/dune/hillside throughout ocotillo wells/plaster city...
  2. OcotilloWells

    On Topic Geothermal Drilling Rears Its Ugly Head At Ocotillo Wells

    Each month Fight For Ocotillo Wells features the "Endangered Off-Roader" written by the president of the San Diego Off-Road Coalition, Ed Stovin, and thankfully local San Diego radio station Rock 105.3 has given us a platform to get the word out to the public. Latest issues with Ocotillo Wells...