off-road racing

  1. BlueCrace

    HDX Healthly Hydration Mix discount code

    With the the heat of the summer and the SCORE Rosarito Beach Desert Challenge right around the corner, proper hydration has been getting a lot of press in the off-road community. If you are interested in purchasing some HDX mix, here is a promo code to help out with the wallet. Teams will get...
  2. M

    I am on a mission to race every class of off-road vehicle.

    I’m on a mission to race every type of off-road vehicle. I want to walk it like I talk it and experience every different class to share the pros and cons of each vehicle, as well as share how easy/difficult it is to build, buy or rent these vehicles and go have loads of fun with your friends and...
  3. SkullRush

    2016 Mint 400 Class 10 Rollover Lap 1 mile 77

    This Class 10 car was in 2nd place until this happened right in front of us. Nobody hurt and they were able to continue on.