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parker 425

  1. Curtis Guise

    2018 BITD

    Blue Water Resort Parker 425 02.01.2018 - 02.05.2018 - 1st race 2 lap results - 1st race 3 lap results - 2nd race results - Penalty Report - Race map - RDC race coverage - RDC time trials coverage BFGoodrich Tires Mint 400 03.07.2018 - 03.11.2018 - 1st race 2 lap results - 1st race 3 lap...
  2. Vegasphotoman

    2017 Pahrump Nugget 250 VIDEO Compilation All racers 800ft from start! EPIC!

    I have clips of each racer, if you participated and want to get a free clip email me [email protected] Paul Cichocki (702)274-0162 cell www.LasVegasPix.com photography if you embed video on your website lease credit me : Paul Cichocki LasVegasPix.com & or "Vegasphotoman" my youtube...
  3. EBryant

    Strobel Motorsports 2016 Season Recap

    Steve Strobel and the #94 team battled it out with the Best in the Desert. Here is a recap of their entire 6 race season.
  4. Stay Hot

    2016 parker 425 Raw Footage.

    i see alot of video on youtube that have songs that drown out the amazing sound of a V8 engine tapped out. put Just some footage we got @ the Parker 425 This year just the raw footage

    ((VIDEO)) Jason Coleman discusses Parker and on to the MINT 400

    Have a great weekend!
  6. TwistedLinkage

    Parker 425 choice shots

    Here are a few shots TwistedLinkage caught during the race. You can see our large gallery online at Offroad Xtreme
  7. Klaus

    2016 Parker 425

    Live Page: <link> Schedule: <PDF> Thursday 02.04 - 10:45 - Time trails - 14:30 - Vehicle display downtown Parker - 17:30 - Pit crew challenge Friday 02.05 - 09:00 - 18:00 Contingency and registration at Blue Water Casino - 18:30 - Drivers meeting Saturday 02.06 - 06:00 - Race1 - 1000, 1100...
  8. Ut offroadracing

    Baja 1000, or other race, do you need help?

    Over 25 years race experience, with multiple off road Championships. I sold my race team and just want to get back to the races. I have built, designed, or modified everything I've ever raced from stock trucks to trophy trucks. If you are a new team I can offer knowledge in set up, design, and...