1. DirtRaceFan

    2019 Mint 400 photos

    Finally getting around to sharing our pictures... Check out the whole set at 2019 Mint 400 - DirtRocket Photos
  2. Vegasphotoman

    ##Photos - Pahrump Nugget 250 EVERY TEAM 800ft from start & RM145

    Hi Guys (and gals) 1rst post....been shooting off road races for fun for 31 years....all southern NV races...Mint 400, Henderson 250, 2017 Pahrump Nugget 250 etc... been wanting to share pics with drivers, teams etc...finally getting them out there! I also will be posting last years 2016...
  3. Utah Off Road

    2016 V2R the long way phots/photographers

    If you know where to find pictures or you were a photographer for the 2016 Vegas to Reno then please post here. It's always a challenge to find the photographers after the race. You see them everywhere on course but can't seem to find their work online. Thank you in advance!
  4. A

    Media for the Laughlin Desert Classic

    I raced in the laughlin desert classic this past weekend and can never find a list of people taking video or pictures at the events. I want to find a video or pictures, if anyone has them of the 7294 truck jumping the road crossing on the first lap Saturday. Speak up if you have it!!
  5. DSchenkelberg

    Jump Champs 2016 Pictures

    Hows it going everyone! My name is Daniel Schenkelberg and Dirt Alliance acquired me to photograph this event! I shoot alot of NHRA and Indy car but I have been eager to get into the off road industry. I must say I loved the event and all the people were friendly. I cant wait to get back out...
  6. DirtRaceFan

    2016 Mint 400 Pictures - Time Trials and Unlimited Race

    Just getting around to sharing my pictures... I shot over 1300 shots that weekend...sharing more on my website. Enjoy.