1. havahockey

    HighRev RZR Vehicle Feature

    Finally got my utv all done so shot it in the studio a few weeks ago and put up a vehicle feature on the site. Check it out and let me know what ya think! http://rdc.link/highrevutv
  2. Yoda


    The Polaris NZ1000 is held here in New Zealand check out the footage by Offroad Addiction TV. Offroad Addiction TV
  3. UTVinc

    My Rage at the River Video 1st TT Race is up

    Huge shout out to Tuba Art always killing it on coverage of the races
  4. U

    UTV Rally Raid Round 5!

    Come join us! For more information visit our website: utvrallyraid.com
  5. M

    We have a UTV Problem

    We have a problem in off-road. Well over a million UTVs have been sold in the United States since 2011 alone thus creating an influx of new off-road enthusiasts. Admittedly, many of today’s UTV enthusiasts have come into the sport with great knowledge of off-road, but there is a large segment of...
  6. Yoda

    New Zealand's Polaris NZ 1000.

    Todd Leduc's trip to New Zealand for the Polaris NZ 1000 didn't go quite to plan. Journey into the unknown You can check out the event below. Log into Facebook | Facebook