pre runner

  1. G

    Pioneer 72 F250 build

    Hey All, I’ve been following for a while and have been trying to figure out how to one day get to race a Norra event. It’s somthing I’ve wanted to do with my old man and my son for a while as I love the adventure and memorie building aspect of it. Long storie short I had this 72 f250 camper...
  2. Bhebron14

    Pre runner amigo

    I recently bought a 1999 Isuzu amigo 4x4 (3.2l v6, 5 speed manual, Dana 44 rear, 4 linked) with a buddy and am gonna build my first true desert toy. I am just looking for advice from experienced builders for good routes on ifs long travel with a 4x4 and just good places to look for help on...
  3. Sledneck Steens

    Chase rack ideas for Nnbs silverado

    hi everyone I would like ideas on chase racks for a crew cab half ton silverado. I would like to be able to put dirtbikes in the bed still but have a place for floor jack for truck couple gas cans and tools. Possibly add on for full size spares when bikes aren't in the back. Also want ideas on...
  4. Jakob Hinkle

    What is the cheapest truck to build into a prerunner

    This is my first post so sorry if I'm doing something wronge here also I did search this up but didn't find anything. I'm a college student and have been saveing for a truck for awhile and am now in the position to buy a truck and slowly turn it into a prerunner. I know doing this won't be cheap...
  5. C

    04' chevy silverado 1500 need help

    I have a 04' Silverado and wanting to make it into a prerunner/ desert truck. where should I start?
  6. W

    Bypass Shock

    Is anybody looking to get rid of a set of king bypass shocks? For $950? Let me Know.
  7. Cpolvoorde

    F100 I-Beam Help

    Hello I am currently building an 1967 F100 and need help on beam choice. I would like equal length beams and nothing crazy wide. Any suggestions??
  8. John F2000

    F2000 featured in SEMA Battle of the Builders tonight 7:00/10:00pm pac/eastern

    SEMA Battle of the Builders Premiers tonight 7:00pm pacific 10:00 pm eastern on Velocity Network, featuring the F2000 and a beautiful Chevy Colorado pre-runner representing the off-road community in a heavy hotrod and import line up. Bud Brutsman of BCII the producer of the show is an...