1. Bobby Rice

    Ideas for a “sleeper” prerunner ranger?

    For a while now I’ve thought about learning how to fabricate on a whole new build. One of those build ideas being a sleeper PreRunner ranger! So the idea is to be able to keep the stock fenders and bedsides but pull good travel numbers. This is much easier in the rear just because the way you...
  2. cagrogan

    What Size Axle Do I Need

    I have a 2001 Ford ranger in the process of being built into a prerunner. I have the 2wd BTF race kit for the front end, I was told it’ll sit at about 86”. With that being said , I would like to get a 9” rear but I need to know what size from hub to hub I need it to be, what axle swap would you...
  3. B

    daily driver build

    hey guys, i’m pretty new to the prerunner community but i’m obsessed with prerunners. I currently daily drive a 2004 toyota tundra crew cab rwd. It has a 3 inch lift and has some beefy tires. I do not plan on getting a different car but i want to start a small build on my tundra, something not...
  4. L

    Looking for insight k1500 chev

    Hello, I’m a 17 year old Alberta boy from up North and looking for as many tips as I can and I’m new to threads so really any advice I’d love to hear. But here’s my scoop, I have been in love with 2door Tahoe’s/full size blazers ever since I was in middle school. That’s all I talked about and...
  5. 327-rangerunner

    93 Ford Ranger Travel

    Hello, I am building a 93 Ranger and I am wondering how much tear travel can I get if I don’t cut the frame. My goal is to keep all the frame as I’m doing this on kind of a budget, but I want to get maximum wheel travel out of it. I will be 4 linking the rear and was hoping that I would be able...
  6. W

    Best possible option

    Hello, I’m looking to get into the Offroad scene. I currently have a daily driver truck worth about 30k. I’m looking to spend about 10-12k. I quickly ruled out modifying my truck. So what would get me the most performance. Either a 40k daily prerunner, or get a side by side, class 9 or 11 car...
  7. W

    On Topic Best Prerunner kit for a 2014 GMC Sierra 1500

    Hello, I currently have a 2014 GMC sierra 1500 Denali with 4wd and the 6.2 v8. I'm looking at getting into the offroad scene. I have about 8k to spend on a kit before instillation. I'm assuming I'm going to spend about 2k on wheels and tires. I want to know what the best way to spend this would...
  8. D

    Fitment question

    I’m 16 and have recently been looking to get a cateye Silverado for my first truck and want to be able to fit 35s and was wondering what would be a good way to go about this suspension, wheel and tire wise to get the “pre runner” look without spending every last penny I have. usually will be...
  9. D

    Benefits of a backhalf on a prerunner

    looking for some great ways that back half four link set ups are way better than a four link on your bedcage with frame rails, hoping some people have some good insight on strength, longevity, and quality!
  10. Minor805

    91 Ranger Build, NEED HELP/POINTERS PLZ

    Looking for 91 Ranger Beams and, Raduis Arms, Trans Mount/radius arm mounts for my prerunner build. Also any other prerunner parts that will work on my build please let me know what you have or idea/suggestions on building my own. Thanks!
  11. A

    1993 f150 xlt lift

    does anyone know of any good beams for a 1993 f150 xlt? i’d like to prerunner my truck but i am on a pretty small budget because i’m still in high school
  12. Minor805

    91 Ranger Prerunner Build

    So I bought another 91 Ranger Ext. Cab 4x4. But i am actually going to build this one into a prerunner style truck. I've pretty much gutted THE WHOLE THING down to cab and frame, leaving the axles and what not so i can move it when needed. But my question is, 4-Link the rear? And how do i do...
  13. Minor805

    Need some pointers....

    So i recently purchased my 4th Ford Ranger. It's a 1991 that has the 4.0L automatic with electric shift 4x4. Which i am yarding out of it and selling. But this time i'm actually building it into the prerunner style truck I've always wanted. So, any and all pointers/advice would be more than...
  14. xXANBXx

    Shouting from the east coast!

    Hey hey, Hello my name is Adam Butler, Located in Georgia... i know not the typical place you hear on here, but lived in Texas for a while and fell in love with desert racing and prerunners. I currently have a 76 F100 and a 68 F100 and drool over Chris Eisenhouers daily.. Seems every...
  15. DanSchenkelberg

    Dirt Alliances Sends it in Pismo

    It was time for the annual Pismo Takeover with Dirt Alliance. It was a blast to get out there and throw some sand around. Here are some of the photos from our trip with Dirt Alliance & Raceline Wheels Follow along and stay tuned for the full release of photographs and videos :)...
  16. D

    Building a dirt track for prerunners

    Hey guys, like the title says, I'm looking to build a dirt track for my prerunner. I have zero experience with anything like this so I'm looking for some advice on the process and design. I'm not caged so I don't want to catch a whole lot of air but I think a small table top would be nice and...
  17. D

    4link drive shaft??

    Hey guys, starting the 4 link on my 2012 f150 with the 6.5' bed, what's the best place to get a drive shaft that will handle the 24" travel??
  18. Jakob Hinkle

    Prerunner Silverado ss?

    ive been looking around and haven't really found anything. Could a long travel kit for a regular Silverado fit on an ss? Or are they completely different trucks.
  19. C

    Watch out for Dodge Ram Prerunner Listing

    Just noticed my old truck was listed on craigslist again. I built most of this truck so I know most of the info is extremely exaggerated. I don't like people posting negative stuff on other builds, but I don't want someone getting screwed. Here is the listing: Dodge Ram prerunner True...
  20. J


    Hey All, We wanted to give you a glimpse of this incredible Prerunner that we are working on. Chassis and suspension built by FINAMORE FAB, Engine by LEON PATTON. Super clean, solid fabrication by Finamore, Fast small block by Leon and we are very excited to build it out, here at FAST ON WHEELS...