1. B

    Radiator advise needed PLEASE!

    Hi all, I am resurrecting my ol 1990 F 350 4x4 crew cab. This truck has always had an overheating issue. I wanted to install a new radiator. Maybe like a 4 pass unit. It's still all stock from the factory up front. I don't need anything custom. Just out of the box bolt in is cool with me. Any...
  2. Chevrota201

    new to forums, looking for some help with radiator.

    Hi, I have an older Toyota pickup project. When purchased she was linked, caged, had a few perks, but had the 3.0 gutless stock motor. I decided to put in a 350 smallblock and move it back quite a bit. The front is pretty narrow so I thought about rear mounting radiator. What is needed to do...