rally raid

  1. Curtis Guise

    2019 2019 Sonora Rally

    Sonora Rally 03.17.2019 - 03.23.2019 - Overall rally results
  2. P

    Roadrunner Rally 2019

    Experience the amazing riding that “Los Cabos” and the Baja California Peninsula has to offer you in a 100% Rally Raid format. Baja California Sur Discover the amazing scenarios and desert roads that we have rounded up for you. See why for over half a century “La Baja” has attracted adventure...
  3. E. Araiza

    Silk Way Rally '17 -STAGE 2- Tcheboksary – Ufa

    Tcheboksary – Ufa / July 9 Leg distance: 785,63 km Special distance: 157,00 km Leg 2. Grand Kazan track This stage will require driving skills. The track is sometimes narrow and very technical. Some parts are very fast and winding. Attention must be paid so as not to cut the track on the...