1. Bobby Rice

    Ideas for a “sleeper” prerunner ranger?

    For a while now I’ve thought about learning how to fabricate on a whole new build. One of those build ideas being a sleeper PreRunner ranger! So the idea is to be able to keep the stock fenders and bedsides but pull good travel numbers. This is much easier in the rear just because the way you...
  2. M

    TIB fabrication material

    I have a question regard material selection. My build is a 94 ranger 2wd. Is getting a gm LS motor. 4 link in rear likely. Front I'm building my own TIB's. I'm not concerned about building the beams as I have a lot of fabrication buddies that know what there doing. However, I want to build my...
  3. cagrogan

    What Size Axle Do I Need

    I have a 2001 Ford ranger in the process of being built into a prerunner. I have the 2wd BTF race kit for the front end, I was told it’ll sit at about 86”. With that being said , I would like to get a 9” rear but I need to know what size from hub to hub I need it to be, what axle swap would you...
  4. Bricoop

    302 Swap in a 1990 Ranger

    I'm buying a 1990 Ranger used in 24 Hours of LeMons racing. I need help choosing the right donor vehicle to pull a 302 and transmission out of. It is a proper POS racecar, so most of the comforts have been removed, including the power steering. We think a 302 out of an explorer or mustang...
  5. 327-rangerunner

    93 Ford Ranger Travel

    Hello, I am building a 93 Ranger and I am wondering how much tear travel can I get if I don’t cut the frame. My goal is to keep all the frame as I’m doing this on kind of a budget, but I want to get maximum wheel travel out of it. I will be 4 linking the rear and was hoping that I would be able...
  6. Minor805

    91 Ranger Build, NEED HELP/POINTERS PLZ

    Looking for 91 Ranger Beams and, Raduis Arms, Trans Mount/radius arm mounts for my prerunner build. Also any other prerunner parts that will work on my build please let me know what you have or idea/suggestions on building my own. Thanks!
  7. Minor805

    91 Ranger Prerunner Build

    So I bought another 91 Ranger Ext. Cab 4x4. But i am actually going to build this one into a prerunner style truck. I've pretty much gutted THE WHOLE THING down to cab and frame, leaving the axles and what not so i can move it when needed. But my question is, 4-Link the rear? And how do i do...
  8. Minor805

    Need some pointers....

    So i recently purchased my 4th Ford Ranger. It's a 1991 that has the 4.0L automatic with electric shift 4x4. Which i am yarding out of it and selling. But this time i'm actually building it into the prerunner style truck I've always wanted. So, any and all pointers/advice would be more than...
  9. M

    FORD Ranger Raptor!

    The mini Raptor is real, is bonkers, and is everything we ever wanted in a Ford Ranger. Ford Australia dispatched a raven by way of YouTube to let all of us in the United States know that it had important news. The popular Ranger midsize pickup truck is getting the variant we all hoped would...
  10. 02 Ranger

    Clean title or not?

    Does it matter when you're buying your project if its a clean title or Salvage?
  11. 02 Ranger

    How to get into Prerunning?

    What would you recommend for someone not knowing much about prerunners, advice, brands to use/not use. Can it be done cheaply? What is a good truck to do it with? Can it be a daily driver? or anything else you might suggest for a beginner. Thanks!
  12. chase

    Evaluate my build! 98 Ford Ranger Long Travel

    Well, my front end is almost together. It's a 98 2wd Ranger LT setup. Boxed cromolly upper and lowers. It's the Weldtec kit as featured on their site, http://www.weldtecdesigns.com/products.php?MAKE=FORD&P=2 I've had some debate with a few friends over whether or not the spindle pin used will...