1. FiberwerX

    New 2017+ Raptor +2.5 Fenders & Bedsides From FiberwerX - Available Now!

    NEW PRODUCT RELEASE New +2.5" Fenders and Bedsides available now for 2017+ Raptors February 28, 2019 (El Cajon, CA) -- Ford's 2nd generation Raptor faced the same clearance issues as it's predecessor. Ford equipped these trucks with wide suspension to increase wheel travel. This added width...
  2. M

    FORD Ranger Raptor!

    The mini Raptor is real, is bonkers, and is everything we ever wanted in a Ford Ranger. Ford Australia dispatched a raven by way of YouTube to let all of us in the United States know that it had important news. The popular Ranger midsize pickup truck is getting the variant we all hoped would...
  3. J


    Hey All, We wanted to give you a glimpse of this incredible Prerunner that we are working on. Chassis and suspension built by FINAMORE FAB, Engine by LEON PATTON. Super clean, solid fabrication by Finamore, Fast small block by Leon and we are very excited to build it out, here at FAST ON WHEELS...
  4. T

    Raptor Run Graffiti in Afton Canyon

    I came out to my favorite place in the world this weekend and some douche Bags decided it was ok to spray paint on a bridge built in 1938!! This is a beautiful piece of history that has been vandalized by some Yahoos in Raptors.. Who ever did this needs to get back out there and clean up your...