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robby gordon

  1. Klaus

    ★ Dakar 2019 - Stage: Center - Universe Robby

    Since most of the conversations here revolve around Robby Gordon.... Memes welcome. Hater welcome (since the fanboys will outweigh).
  2. baja619

    CAMS Suspends Super Trucks on Safety Grounds

    The Stadium Super Trucks series has been dropped from the Vodafone Gold Coast 600 support bill after CAMS suspended the category from racing on safety grounds. Next month’s Gold Coast 600 was set to host the penultimate round of the series as a support class to Supercars, featuring on the bill...
  3. SkullRush

    Rage at the River Pro Classes Heat 7 RATR New Video

    Oh.. and in case you missed it...a nice little edit of RG at Rage: Watch Our 2017 Videos: 2017 PCI Race Radios SNORE 250 - Off-Road Desert Race Watch Our 2016 Videos: https://goo.gl/2Za6xJ Watch All Our Desert Racing Videos: Desert Racing Videos - YouTube SkullRush on Facebook: Skull Rush...
  4. Bridges

    CRANDON CUP Robby Gordon PRO2 flashback

  5. Stay Hot

    2016 parker 425 Raw Footage.

    i see alot of video on youtube that have songs that drown out the amazing sound of a V8 engine tapped out. put Just some footage we got @ the Parker 425 This year just the raw footage
  6. Bridges

    fBf - Robby GORDON/Riley HERBST B1K Qualify SEMA 2014

    ON the GAS. - TT#77 RMFG - CODOG Riley Herbst
  7. Manuel Antonio

    SST: Super Stadium Trucks; what has happen?

    Does someone knows what happened to the SST Series? I've been looking for a 2016 Calendar and only shows one weekend... en Australia.
  8. Bridges

    Robby Gordon DAKAR video flashback 2015

    VIVA DAKAR! El Gordini on a Mission PART I PART II PART III More Here PlanetRobby "click on link"
  9. Klaus

    Ask Robby and Sheldon Anything

    Feel free to post your questions for Robby Gordon and Sheldon Creed anything you like regarding Dakar 2016. We will collect the best questions and sit down with both of them to get them answered as best as possible and then post the answers here. Deadline is end of day today... so get them in on...
  10. Offroad Cartel

    Dirtsports are AWESOME

    In the inspiration of all the "Moto is Awesome" and "People are Awesome" vids - we decided to put a compilation video for Dirt Sports! We have the best sport in the world and this shows it! Featuring King of the Hammers, Mint 400, Finke Desert Race and more... Viva Offroad
  11. Yumaoffroad

    Robby Gordon Team Speed 2016 Dakar

    All 2016 Team SPEED Dakar here