1. T


    I am having trouble making a decision what new RZR I should go with. My Options are between a “ bone stock” PRO XP4 Ultimate or a Turbo S 4 Dynamix with a Pro Armor Cage And Pro Armor suspension Seats. Which one should I buy? My original decision, based on all my research and needs was the...
  2. S

    Stock utv rally sportsman class

    Hi everyone I own a 2018 rzr turbo 4 seater and I’m finally gunna do what I always wanted to do Wich is race after seeing BITD opening a class that’s somewhat affordable I found 8 friends who are committed and if I could get some pointers etc again I have never ever raced and the rzr build is...
  3. havahockey

    HighRev RZR Vehicle Feature

    Finally got my utv all done so shot it in the studio a few weeks ago and put up a vehicle feature on the site. Check it out and let me know what ya think! http://rdc.link/highrevutv
  4. Wantedone

    On Topic (UTV) Barstow to whisky petes

    My wife and I want to make a run from barstow to primm aka Whiskey Pete’s Hotel Casino. We have a stock car 2019 xp4 turbo S, does the stock tank hold enough fuel ? Is it possible to make the trip purely off road or do we have to occasionally drive on city roads. Also any tips or spare parts we...
  5. LeadingEdge

    On Topic Whittington Racing goes 1-2 in Norra 1000!

    LEADING EdGE would like to proudly congratulate Bill Whittington Racing for their win in the UTV Unlimited class in the 2017 NORRA Mexican 1000 50th Anniversary Race. The team took the top two finishing spots in their Turbo and N/A cars, respectively. The race is a 1300+ mile point to point...
  6. Jimmy8

    Star Car Episode 1 Video Live

    We just dropped the 1st full length video for my RZR Star Car program. Mad Media did an awesome job documenting. A ton of fun shaking down this epic new race car built by IMG with Tanner Foust and Jolene Van Vugt. We'll be back at the UTV World Championship next week. Let me know what you think...
  7. C

    WORCS Ready or Build?

    Hey everyone, I recently just purchased a 2011 RZR 900 with thoughts of racing soon. Took it out last weekend and fell in love with it. Now I'm signed up with WORCS and want to begin the racing season. Upon glancing at the safety/regulations, I'm not 100% sure that my RZR is race ready. I have...