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  1. OcotilloWells

    On Topic Geothermal Drilling Rears Its Ugly Head At Ocotillo Wells

    Each month Fight For Ocotillo Wells features the "Endangered Off-Roader" written by the president of the San Diego Off-Road Coalition, Ed Stovin, and thankfully local San Diego radio station Rock 105.3 has given us a platform to get the word out to the public. Latest issues with Ocotillo Wells...
  2. Ocotillo Wells

    Fight For Ocotillo Wells Back To The Desert Clean-up of Superstition

    Join Fight For Ocotillo Wells SVRA, The San Diego Off-Road Coalition (SDORC) and the Friends of Ocotillo Wells on Sunday November 8th for our back to the dez cleanup of Superstition. This event will be in the same location as the SDORC's Fun Run so make sure you join us for the Fun Run on 11/7...