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  1. W

    2 Young Bucks willing to work/learn - Baja 1000

    We both know this is a LONG shot but thought, why not? I have recently graduated college with a good friend of mine, both mechanical engineering degrees and have both worked for the Top 3 auto manufacturers while we were in school. As well as working with Ford Performance on the off-road side...
  2. Bajabro1

    My San Felipe 250 5/1600 Race Experience with Herrera Prepwerks

    The 5/1600 Class is not dead. Let me repeat that again... The 5/1600 Class is not dead... I just had the most epic weekend at the San Felipe 250. For the second year in a row, I got to co-drive the most brutal San Felipe terrain, but this time in a 5/1600 Baja Bug with the Herrera...
  3. DRZ_Motorsports_119

    SCORE Stock Pro UTV

    Hi to all, What is the difference in SCORE’s new Stock Pro UTV class VS the other UTV classes? It’s looks like a modern of the shelf new Class 11 class.
  4. bajafilmsmedia


    When the wife, children, friends and family are involved, it is guaranteed that the goal is the same. Great team, great family and great race. Godde Racing in Class 10. enjoy it !!!
  5. 9rocky

    RPI Racing 2016 Baja 1000

    We did not have the 1000 we would have liked in 2016, but our teammate, Mario Morales Jr., documented some of the adventure that is the Baja 1000
  6. Olulind

    SCORE Desert Challenge Rosarito 2016

    What do you guys think of this event? It's happening in September and it's going to be a bit different from the events in Ensenada or San Felipe... Do you think it will have the same success ? If you are attending... what are your expectations?
  7. bajafilmsmedia


    Ready highlights video, something that we live in the last # Baja1000, 2015 Enjoy it !!
  8. Ut offroadracing

    Baja 1000, or other race, do you need help?

    Over 25 years race experience, with multiple off road Championships. I sold my race team and just want to get back to the races. I have built, designed, or modified everything I've ever raced from stock trucks to trophy trucks. If you are a new team I can offer knowledge in set up, design, and...