1. Bridges

    ROBBY GORDON SEMA 2015 Baja 1000 Qualify Helmet Cam

  2. Michael Cohen


    FOR SALE: Early 1970's Hi-Jumper Chassis; includes vintage SCORE chassis tag for Ascot Raceway! Too many projects! $500.00; Call Bill Varnes - Mirage Racing Products @ 619-562-5533
  3. Ilovebaja

    New race for SCORE?? could this possibly be the rumored race?

    Kuervoz Motorsports. August 22 · Edited · 26 Y 27 de SEPTIMBRE del 2015 Por Primera vez la ROSARITO 200 sale de casa y se mezcla con los buenos Vinos y el buen Clima del Valle de Guadalupe, para traerles la siguiente carrera de Off Road Puntuable del Campeonato de Kuervoz Motorsports. 2015. "...
  4. My Name Here

    What does SCORE stand for?

    To settle a bet, what does SCORE stand for? I say it stands for Short Course Off Road Enthusiasts, but my wife <and Wikipedia> says Southern California Off Road Experience. I know Southern California makes more sense, and despite me having CRS <can't remember poop>, I am positive its Short Course.
  5. steve squires

    SCORE IV250 - Class 1 - who's racing??

    What class 1 teams are planning to race the IV250?
  6. dezertrdr


    i was wondering if anybody knows where will be the finish of the baja 1k this year.. would it go thru cabo?
  7. swu chase1

    Score IV 250 who is racing class 8

    So who will be racing class 8 in the IV 250 next month.
  8. John Bitting

    SCORE Baja 500 on CBS 6:00pm

    Turn on CBS Sports you have 15 minutes until it starts. GET OFF THE COMPUTER NOW..