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    FLASHBACK - Youngest B1K Winner CLASS 1 Justin Davis

    TIME FLYS >> Flashback 8 years ago then 16 year old Justin Davis GREEN ARMY broke the record book as the youngest VICTORY ever running IRONMAN in Unlimited CLASS 1. One hell of a run for a very young man going toe to toe with the biggest names in the business...
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    "FLASHBACK" Battle of CHAMPIONS > Miller Motorsports

    Deegan, RJ, Rob Mac, Carl early Lucas days Miller Motorsports Utah>>> Wire to Wire (RAW RACING) 3 MULTI X PRO2 CHAMPIONS WIDE OPEN for the PODIUM in Utah. CLEAN RACING IS GREAT RACING -- CLASSIC BATTLE OF THE MASTERS *Onboard Deegan38 reigning Champion FTW ROUSCH RACING MOTORS >>> TURN IT UP