1. SkullRush

    2017 SEMA Show Off Road Report Jeeps Trucks UTV's Baja 1000

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  2. C4

    Pro Eagle wins "Best new off road product" at the 2017 SEMA show.

    We were honored to be chosen at the recipients of SEMA's Best new off road product award at the 2017 SEMA show. It has been quite a journey for us so far. I was raised in and around off road racing and it has been truly fantastic to develop a product accepted and embraced by my peers and heroes...
  3. baja619

    SEMA's Road To Success

    Road To Success LEGISLATIVE AND TECHNICAL AFFAIRS By Stuart Gosswein Road to Success Providing Access to Public Lands Boosts Product Sales For SEMA members, the range of products associated with outdoor recreation goes beyond the four-wheel drives, ATVs and UTVs associated with...
  4. baja619

    CA Bill to Extend Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Program to be Considered

    Earlier this month I posted a notice to contact law makers about S.B. 249 California Bill to Undermine Off-Highway Vehicles Program to be Considered Will now there is a new bill being proposed A.B. 1077. I am no expert or a lawyer but I am not sure how I feel about extending the CA OHV...
  5. baja619

    California Bill to Undermine Off-Highway Vehicles Program to be Considered

    The Sacramento Fat Cats are out it again. Year after year these crooks do everything they can to raid our OHV funds and attempt to divert the cash to fund their failing programs. SEMA Action Network sent out a blast today notifying of the proposed Legislation; S.B. 249 SEMA Action Network...
  6. SkullRush

    2016 SEMA Show Highlights Pics and Video

    Just posted some really cool photos from SEMA 2016 on our website! SkullRush | 2016 SEMA Show Photos
  7. Bridges

    fBf - Robby GORDON/Riley HERBST B1K Qualify SEMA 2014

    ON the GAS. - TT#77 RMFG - CODOG Riley Herbst
  8. John F2000

    F2000 featured in SEMA Battle of the Builders tonight 7:00/10:00pm pac/eastern

    SEMA Battle of the Builders Premiers tonight 7:00pm pacific 10:00 pm eastern on Velocity Network, featuring the F2000 and a beautiful Chevy Colorado pre-runner representing the off-road community in a heavy hotrod and import line up. Bud Brutsman of BCII the producer of the show is an...
  9. baja619

    SEMA Resource - DOT Rules Governing Motorsports Racing Trailers

    Thought this might be a helpful resource to some of the Short Course Teams. Thanks to the SEMA Action Network for doing all the heavy lifting. Thousands participate in legal racing events around the country each year. Many...
  10. John F2000

    F2000 makes top 21 Battle Of The Builders at Sema #fordf2000

    Just want to say thanks to everyone who helped get the F2000 and our Spec TT to Sema. Saturday turned into a 24 hour day, but we loaded up both trucks in the early AM Sunday morning and made the trek to Vegas. On Tuesday they announced the top 21 semi-finalist to make it into the Battle of the...
  11. Bridges

    ROBBY GORDON SEMA 2015 Baja 1000 Qualify Helmet Cam

  12. baja619

    SEMA Organization Ramping Up For Off Roaders

    Ramping Up for Off-Roaders | Specialty Equipment Market Association SEMA has created a dedicated section on the SEMA Action Network site for information on off-road issues. Visit SEMA has sought to protect motorized recreation on public lands for decades—with good...